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Cyber Essentials

The digital world does not suffer ignorance lightly. In your organisation, it’s dangerous to assume that every staff member knows about cyber security risks, or how to counter them before they infiltrate your network.

The threats are numerous, and can take many forms. From identifying phishing emails to maintaining the protocols you’ve set in place, making your team smarter and safer online is absolutely critical. To reflect this, the UK government grants Cyber Essentials certification to companies that invest in user awareness. usecure’s comprehensive cyber security training has everything you need to complement a Cyber Essentials programme and move confidently in the digital realm.

Tackling User Awareness From Every Angle

To target cybercrime effectively, you need to take user awareness seriously, giving your team the tools they need to act as gatekeepers to your network. But delivering this can prove challenging, especially for cash- and time-strapped SMEs.

Thankfully, usecure is here to take the burden off your shoulders. Our online course meets all the learning criteria posed by the government’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security, to improve the competency of your team. Learners can complete it at their own pace, and stay one step ahead of the latest threats to your digital security.

From basic teachings on access control, such as firewalls and password privileges, all the way to dealing with malware, it stamps out the chance of social engineering. We even give you to the tools to send simulated phishing tests, to help you identify weak links in the chain. This also sets you in good stead for the Cyber Essentials Plus badge, whereby an independent body tests your system management for blind spots.

By subscribing to our cyber security training, you can:

  • Deliver training that complements Cyber Essentials accreditation
  • Strengthen the user awareness of your team
  • Reinforce your cyber security procedures
  • Minimise the risk of cybercrime within your organisation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main components of Cyber Essentials?

The scheme focuses on five main procedures: boundary firewalls, configuration tactics, access control, path management and avoiding malware. Together, these subjects form the bedrock of any comprehensive security awareness training.

How does the course approach the human element of my security?

In practice, your staff will be left to their own devices; any leaks or mistakes will be exploited. usecure aims to make phishing, ransomware and other kinds of deception easy to spot, leaving capable power in their hands. We provide ISO 27001 (best-practice industry certification) modules that solely deal with the perils of human error.

What are the 10 steps to cyber security?

They are too many to mention in sufficient detail here – we suggest you check out the NCSC’s (National Cyber Security Centre) website for an informative breakdown.

Where can I get Cyber Essentials recognition?

usecure is CE certified, although we don’t provide accreditation. We have several trusted partners who can carry out the assessment, and we’re more than happy to introduce you to them.