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Digital technology is outstripping everything we thought it could do. For the last decade or so, we’ve heard of a brave new world, that of the Internet of Things (IoT for short).

Now it is finally latching onto our way of life, becoming the main infrastructure your corporation will rely on. From devices and hardware in your office to data collection, communications and security frameworks, practically nothing will escape the IoT as it comes to fruition around the globe. But, as ever, there are risks involved, more than we’ve ever faced before as cyber criminals learn how to use these tools against us.

usecure can prepare you for the challenges to come, implementing a training scheme that fosters a culture of user awareness across your workforce.

Avoid The Escalating Dangers

Gartner predicts that 25bn connected ‘things’ will be tied together, virtually speaking, by 2020. That’s an astonishing figure, and it’s forcing us to the cusp of IoT security awareness. Hackers can gain access to a lot more than files; one slip, and the whole of your digital network is compromised.

With greater freedom comes more risk. Cyber criminals have the means to overrun a point of weakness in your security protocols, and exploit it as far as they can. Big Data requires a similarly impressive gatekeeper, a role that your workforce should be able to adopt.

Thankfully, educating your staff doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. usecure can conduct a GAP analysis and stamp out weaknesses in your chain to eliminate the risk of phishing, ransomware, DDoS attacks, and more.

By subscribing to our course, you can:

  • Raise awareness about IoT security and Big Data
  • Learn how connected devices interact
  • Protect yourself against a breach in security
  • Achieve compliance within your organisation
  • Stay abreast of the latest IoT guidelines

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IoT?

The Internet of Things, in layman’s terms, is the complete interconnectivity of anything with the means to go online. This takes in smart devices such as cars, phones and home automation units, alongside machine components that transmit data (for instance, an industrial drill head, or an emissions monitor in an engine).

Can the latest firewalls alone achieve IoT security?

No, an IoT-enabled device has many digital access points, some of which even the latest firewalls can’t protect against.

Who needs full IoT training in my business?

Anyone, practically, who’s part of your operations, and deals with a single part of your IoT blueprint. Employees who connect to your network through their personal devices can pose a particular threat. One loose end is enough to threaten your protocols.

How do you test my employees’ knowledge?

Our training resources can simulate a phishing attack, or a malware threat, to give them a real-world sense of aptitude. The software oversees how they do, and you’ll be provided with a comprehensive report.