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ISO 27001

Our plans need a fixed point of reference if they’re going to succeed. Creating a digital infrastructure has guidelines and procedural comparisons to draw on, helping you pull together a watertight security model.

The international standard for this is called ISO 27001. As well as teaching you what hardware to implement and configure, it’ll direct how your employees handle, monitor and care for your network. By employing an ISO 27001 framework, you’ll have a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) in-line with global IT best practices.

By investing in ISO 27001-led user awareness training, employees will have the skills and knowledge to identify and handle risks effectively.

A Firm Basis For Your Peace Of Mind

With the advent of the Internet of Things, security culture has never been so paramount. ISO 27001 has set a benchmark for digital safeguards – it’s a crucial learning resource, when you consider how widespread hacking has become, and how fast it’s accelerating.

These directives facilitate gap analysis, i.e., comparing your current procedures to the ideal and seeing where they fall short. This paves the way for security awareness training, supported further by reports and internal audits to reinforce understanding. There’s a lot to think about for ISO 27001 compliance. Thankfully, usecure offers a complete Computer Based Training (CBT) course to prepare for certification. Our training aids cover the ISO 27001 7.2.2 clause relating to management, disciplinary action, and employee development – your chances of being accredited are therefore significantly enhanced.

By subscribing to our ISO 27001 training, you will:

  • Cover all bases of cyber security awareness
  • Improve security culture in the workplace
  • Build towards full ISO 27001 compliance
  • Test understanding through phishing simulations
  • Measure improvements with learner reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who published ISO 27001?

The first version of these guidelines was released in 2005 by two global standard agencies, the ISO and IEC, in the aim to create a universal standard for IT systems and cyber security.

Has ISO 27001 changed over the years?

Yes – a revision was made in 2013 to account for complex ISMS, along with the risks associated with security outsourcing.

What is an ISMS exactly?

Broadly speaking, it stands for the management policies and activity that preserve your data, communications, and digital functionality. Everything to do with it – that is, your computer systems and smart devices – must work to avoid a security breach.

Why is the 7.2.2. clause in the ISO 27001 framework so relevant?

An IMS won’t be stable unless it is controlled with the utmost care and diligence. Practically, this falls on the human element of your organisation; if the people managing your safeguards don’t know what to look for, the whole system is vulnerable.