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Ransomware attacks nearly doubled in 2016, and show no signs of slowing down. Despite the fact that over half of UK businesses have fallen victim to an attack, only 4% believe they would feel confident dealing with one. This is frightening when you consider the catastrophic consequences that malicious software can have.

Employees often act as a gateway to ransomware, which makes cyber security training integral to any measures against malware infections. Thankfully, usecure offer a comprehensive, cost-effective solution, with online security awareness modules that cover everything you need to know about ransomware.

Eliminate The Risk Of Ransomware

There are several stages to a ransomware attack, and various ways in which businesses can counter the threat. Online backups are a great way to minimise the impact, should you fall victim to it, but eliminating the risk starts at the individual. Educating your end users around cyber security is pivotal to avoiding ransomware; they are your first line of defence. From detecting a phishing email, to knowing how to react to locker and encryption ransomware, security awareness is vital if you are to protect your business and achieve regulatory compliance.

usecure will educate your staff on this deadly malware threat, from the types of ransomware attack to the most common guises they can take, like the CryptoLocker trojan. It can also help your team stay up to date on cyber issues, such as the rise of Ransomware as a Service (RaaS).

By subscribing to our course, you can:

  • Mitigate the risk of ransomware
  • Eliminate weak links in your cyber security chain
  • Protect sensitive data and brand reputation
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Stay one step ahead of evolving security threats

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software, designed to operate covertly on a user’s  device. Once the hacker has gained enough information, they will hold it hostage until a sum of money has been paid.

What are the types of ransomware?

There are three main types of ransomware attacks: scareware, screen lockers and encryption. The first is designed to trick users into taking action; the second locks a user’s display until they pay a ransom, while the third codes a user’s files so they cannot be accessed.

Do I need to pay a ransom?

This depends on the value of the files, the state of your backups and disaster recovery plan, and whether any other stakeholders (such as clients) will be affected. However, with the right cyber security training, you shouldn’t ever reach this point.

What is Ransomware as a Service?

Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) is where aspiring hackers with low technical skills can purchase toolkits, giving them everything they need to target an organisation with a ransomware attack. It’s a major drive behind the rise in this type of cybercrime.