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Security Awareness

The greatest threat to your company’s information security lies within. Employees can be kryptonite to the cyber health of your organisation – and not just the disgruntled ones. Uninformed staff who haven’t developed sound security awareness can leave your systems vulnerable to phishing, ransomware and a host of other threats.

End-user cyber security awareness training is now vital for businesses of all sizes. To stay protected, you must mitigate the risk of insider attacks, and ensure that one wrong move by an employee doesn’t compromise your whole business. With the usecure security awareness programme, you can do just that.

The Importance Of Security Awareness Training

Hackers know that humans are the weakest link in the cyber security chain. A little social engineering can easily fool an employee into visiting a website infected with malware, responding to phishing emails, or giving out sensitive information.

Security awareness training can significantly reduce the risk of such incidents, by educating employees on the importance of cyber security, informing them of common threats and techniques, and guiding them on the latest security best practices.

usecure offer a complete security awareness training solution. From gap analysis through to simulated phishing, our ISO 27001 focused modules will iron out any weaknesses within your organisation. And with each module lasting approximately 10 minutes, you don’t have to worry about cyber fatigue or information overload.

By subscribing to our course, you can:

  • Stamp out insider attacks
  • Minimise the risk of security breaches
  • Reinforce the importance of cyber security
  • Stay up to date with IT best practices
  • Meet your regulatory obligations


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is information security awareness?

Information security awareness relates specifically to IT; it’s a formal programme designed to educate employees on cyber security.

How can employees undermine cyber security?

There are two main ways in which employees can compromise your security: attacks conducted with malicious intent, and attacks facilitated by inadvertent actors. Together, these incidents make up 60% of all cyber attacks, demonstrating how serious the insider threat can be.

Who needs Security Awareness training?

Any employee that has access to company devices should undergo a security awareness programme, to ensure that they are aware of company policies and the latest IT best practices.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 270001 is the global standard for best practices when using an information security management system (ISMS). These systems are part and parcel of a company’s risk management process, covering legal, physical and technical measures to eliminate cyber threats.