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Prevent Employee Phishing Attacks With Your Free Anti-Phishing Toolkit

Stop your users from falling victim to an inevitable phishing attack with educational resources, intelligent software and specialist guidance - all for free.

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Combat employee phishing attacks with six essential resources and tools, for free.

Raising employee phishing awareness and safeguard your users from sophisticated attacks by accessing your free anti-phishing toolkit.

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Phishing Awareness/ Infosec Poster Pack

Implement soft but effective reminders in your workplace of security best practice.

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Guide | Your Complete Guide To Employee Phishing Scams

Learn the most common types of employee phishing attacks, their main targets, and how you can safeguard your users.

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Guide | Employee Simulated Phishing: The Dos And Don'ts

Follow these simple steps to ensure you get the most out of your phishing test, while avoiding any pitfalls along the way.

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Employee Phishing Simulation Tool

Easily launch an employee phishing simulation yourself and track user compromise rate.

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Phishing Awareness Online Training Modules

Empower your users with engaging online training modules and track their progress.

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Consultant-Led Phishing Exercise

Determine user vulnerability to targeted phishing attacks with your consultant-led phishing exercise.

Start preventing employee phishing attacks.

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