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Vulnerability scanning

An automated process to proactively identify security weaknesses in a network or individual system


Pretending to be someone or something you are not.

What are the types of ransomware?

There are three main types of ransomware attacks: scareware, screen lockers and encryption. The first is designed to trick users into taking action; the second locks a user’s display until they pay a ransom, while the third codes a user’s files so they cannot be accessed.

Data Diddling

Modifying data for your own expense i.e. changing grades, credit rates etc.

Login Bomb

A form of virus. A program in which damage (the payload) is delivered when a particular condition occurs.

Threat event

Any event during which a threat element/actor acts against an asset in a manner that has the potential to directly result in harm.

How does gap analysis relate to ISO 27001?

One facet of ISO 27001 in particular (clause 7.2.2) is relevant to user awareness culture, as it focuses on the employee-led, behavioural competencies they need to exhibit. Our gap analysis is informed by these very principles, adhering to the textbook guidelines.