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3 Ways Managed IT Services Can Solve Your Cyber Security Headache

17 August 2017 14:21

The recent number of successful cyber attacks has pushed cyber security to the top many people's agenda - however, businesses are struggling more than ever. So how can managed service providers help overcome these obstacles?

Amongst all the uncertainty, the only real guarantee in the cyber world is that the threat landscape will remain versatile and prevalent over the coming years. Today, news headlines are dominated by successful breaches that span across all industries, and they're not slowing down anytime soon.

So, what are the biggest cyber security obstacles that businesses face? And what makes managed service providers suited to help potential clients overcome these issues?

Cybersecurity Insiders’ 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report has recently uncovered three of the biggest cyber security challenges facing businesses. Let’s take a look...

1. Where Are All The Skilled Cyber Security Professionals?

     The Issue:

Much has been made of the UK’s cyber security skills gap being the second worst in the world. For IT managers and CISOs alike, the task of finding qualified talent remains a strenuous challenge - especially when it comes to IT security. Whether this is down to a lack of training, first-hand experience or certifications, the skills gap in the market is proving to be a huge headache for businesses. 

The Cybersecurity Insider's report more than backs up this claim, with 45% of respondents claiming that a lack of skilled employees is a major obstacle to achieving strong cyber security.

The bad news is - this is set to continue.

By 2019, it’s believed that just over 1 million cyber security jobs (or, for the less optimistic forecasters, about 2 million) will remain vacant. So what can be done to tackle the struggle of finding the right employees? After all, this is an issue facing all types of businesses - from SMBs to large enterprises. Arguably, SMBs feel the pain more than others, often lacking the suitable resources and bandwidth to support their cyber security efforts.

     The Solution:

The perks of utilising a managed service provider who has the appropriate level of skill,  technology and experience of IT systems, means that they are capable of addressing the issue of a skills gap for your business. Gone are the learning curves that come with a lack of IT security knowledge. Now, you’ll have access to a team of experienced IT security professionals.

Add to that an around the clock support team that can quickly address and monitor any issues, your cyber security defence can be significantly bolstered. Not only does the strengthen cyber security best practice, having a managed IT service can often give peace of mind to IT leaders, as constant background activity is being performed to keep their users, customers, and company data safe.


2. We Just Don't Have The Budget

     The Issue:

This isn’t just an issue for cyber security, a lack of budget is often an issue for most aspects of any business. But when it comes to cyber security budgets, the fight for financial resources often lasts a few more rounds than other business needs. This isn’t exactly a surprise, as IT security is about protecting against the future - making instant results much harder to find.

The positive thing is that investment is increasing. But the changing threat landscape is constantly evolving, and the harsh truth is that spending is still not even close to covering these threats. SMBs, especially, struggle with the financial muscle needed to keep them away from these threats, adding to their easy target status.

     The Solution:

A big plus side to managed services is the cost savings on offer. At a monthly fixed cost, you’re able to acquire the technology, services and expertise needed to build and maintain strong cyber security. Even the typical onboarding costs of new employees can be dodged when outsourcing cyber security needs, with training processes no longer needed.

Eventually, businesses are able to free up more time to focus on other aspects of the business. More time can be invested into improving operations and strategies - potentially leading to increased revenue. Overall, an MSP can give a business scalable IT services that are customisable to their needs, fit within their budget and keep them protected against current and future threats.

3. Our Security Awareness Training Is Non-existent

     The Issue:

For many IT managers and security professionals, having employees as an effective front-line layer of security is a dream that is firmly out of reach for the time being. And, in all honesty, it’s hard to argue with this mindset given the number of recent breaches caused by human error. The main cause of these vulnerabilities stems from a lack of security awareness training. The simple fact is that security training for employees is an afterthought for most organisations.

This is why 40% of respondents see a lack of security awareness as another major obstacle to cyber security. The risks that come from a reluctance to improve on poor cyber awareness are longer than many of us realise. Damage to reputation, brand image, operations and bottom lines, are just a few of the repercussions of an employee unwittingly falling victim to a simple attack, such as a mass-targeted phishing email.

Find your employees weakest areas of security

     The Solution:

For an MSP, it is vital to stay up-to-date on the newest and most relevant types of security threats. This allows employees to receive the most effective security awareness education that can help guard your business against malicious and cunning threats. 

In working with an MSP, clients will have continuous support for not only their IT systems but also their security-related planning, procedures and protocol. MSPs work with standards such as PCI compliance day in, day out, and should be able to steer clients within the specific parameters and regulations they need to adhere to. All in all, leveraging the knowledge and expertise of an MSP can allow businesses to close the security awareness gap and ensure that they’re well-equipped to face the cybersecurity landscape – with both internal and external defences.

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