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6 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Devices

11 May 2018 00:00

Whether it's clearing out your attic or decluttering your wardrobe, the ritual of spring cleaning is never the most thrilling thing to be doing with your spare time. But, for your devices, there are more reasons to do so than for 'just a little extra space'.

Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Devices

For all of your gadgets, spring cleaning isn't just a chance to speed them up, it's also a chance to make sure that your devices aren't lacking in basic security features. So, here's a list of how to organise and secure your devices this spring.

1. Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Knowing where to start is a tricky decision, so let's start off with something easy -- securing your online accounts. There's no easier way to do this than with two-factor authentication. 2FA gives you an extra layer of security, as you have to supply two forms of authentication to gain full access. So, even if a cyber criminal gains access to your password, they won’t have the second element required to get into your device.

2. Delete any unused apps

Smartphones can very quickly become consumed by unnecessary apps that take up storage space, but they also affect your handset’s performance as well as your precious battery life. We all have a tonne of applications on our phones, but do we actually use them all? Instead of taking up storage with unused apps, delete the apps you no longer use and keep your other apps updated in order to stay secure.

3. Get organised

There's plenty of tools out there that, once set up, can automatically help you secure and organise your devices. Take automatic update, for instance. Rather than clicking the "remind me later" option for the next six months, its far easier to go over to your settings and manually select the best times of day for updates to take place (preferably, when you're not using the thing).

4. Are you being tracked?

There are tonnes of apps that track your location. It’s not the most comforting thing to hear, but, it's true. It’s pretty safe to say you don’t want apps knowing your location 24/7, but if you have allowed one too many apps to access your locations, then it will more than likely slow down your phone -- or worse, invade your privacy. Go through your apps and turn off any that use your location services without any real need to, and change the permissions.

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5. Time to clear your cache

A cache is a place to store something temporarily in a computing environment. Just like a computer your phone has a cache. You can download apps to clear your cached files for you, or for iPhone user, you can just go to your settings for any browsers you use on your device, then click clear cache. It really is that simple and can save you memory on your device.

6. Clear away the social junk

If you're not using your social channels, then delete them. With the recent Facebook data harvesting scandal, people have been debating whether or not to delete their Facebook accounts. Deleting your account is certainly an option but, if you don’t want to do that, then try deleting people you no longer interact with or who post unnecessary things that are of no benefit to you.

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