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GDPR Awareness Training For Your Employees

Strengthen your compliance efforts by delivering custom GDPR awareness training to your employees.

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Why implement GDPR awareness training?

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Data Protection

Improve your business's data protection.
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 GDPR Awareness

Ensure GDPR awareness among your employees.


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 Strong Security

Develop a strong security awareness culture.

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Avoid Fines

Avoid GDPR heavy regulatory fines.

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Regulatory Compliance

Demonstrate regulatory compliance in your business.

GDPR Awareness Training

How does the training work?   


usecure's cloud-based training platform offers a sophisticated yet easily implemented solution for educating your employees on data protection and the GDPR including:

  • Customisable and company- branded video content
  • Easily retainable and challenging bite-sized modules
  • Trackable participation reports for future audits and uptake
  • User-centric and easily understandable language
  • A custom dashboard with granular progress reports and data exports



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GDPR Awareness Training

What modules are included?


You'll  have access to the following courses in your library:

  • An overview of The GDPR 
  • GDPR for Consumers
  • GDPR for Senior Staff Members
  • An Overview of the Data Protection Act
  • Security Awareness Training and Data Protection
  • Data Classification 
  • Plus your own custom modules


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Want to see what the courses look like? Get instant free access to your modules below, including your GDPR video-based awareness courses.


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Free GDPR and Data Protection Posters

Boost your employee's cyber security awareness by implementing soft reminders. Download your free poster pack today.

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