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Employee Gap Analysis

Find your users' weakest areas of cyber security, before attackers do.

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Gap Analysis Questionnaire

As the first step of usecure's automated four-stage security awareness platform, you'll gain an evaluation of your user’s individual knowledge gaps around core information security and data protection topics - all with an online employee gap analysis questionnaire.

  • 36 questions covering a range of key information security frameworks and best practices
  • Automatic enrollment onto individually-tailored uLearn courses

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How the Gap Analysis Works

Your employees' information security questionnaire is designed to determine their weaknesses and strengths in an efficient, effective and convenient process.

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Automated, quick and tailored to your needs

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Automatic Deployment

Your users will receive an email invitation to their online questionnaire that will quiz them on a range of ISO 27001 and data protection-focused topics - ranging from password security, social engineering, phishing, data handling and more.

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Complete at any time

The questionnaire is designed to avoid any disruptions to your business and can be started at a time best suited to your users, with an estimated completion time of just 15 minutes.

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Individually tailored

Once completed, you'll be able to see the outcome of the assessment via your custom dashboard. The results of the questionnaire will be used to automatically create an individually-tailored uLearn awareness programme, with users receiving bite-sized eLearning content prioritised on their weakest areas first.

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