Would Your Employees Fall For A Phishing Scam? Let's Find Out.

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Strengthen Your Last Line Of Defence

Over 90% of successful cyber attacks stem from a simple employee-targeted phishing scam, often deployed in mass-mailed "spray and pray" techniques. This means that no business, or employee, is immune from an attack - including yours.

To combat the ever-evolving threat of phishing attacks, IT professionals view simulated phishing tests as a vital component of their organisation's cyber security posture and equally as important as strong antivirus and firewall protection

Employee Simulated Phishing Tool

The uPhish phishing simulator enables you to highlight the exact percentage of vulnerable employees - before a successful attack takes place.

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Simple deployment

Launching your campaigns and adding your users is simple, with no installation necessary.

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Customisable email templates

Create unlimited phishing and spear phishing email templates, or, access your library of ready-made phishing emails.

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Realistic domain spoofing

Phish your users with closely-replicated domains of some of the world's most trusted brands, including Microsoft, Google and PayPal.

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User-friendly interface

Easily launch and schedule your phishing campaigns with a clean interface, allowing you to spend time on other areas of your business.

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Real-time tracking

Gain a valuable insight into the rapid success rate of a phishing attack with your opened, clicked and compromised report.

Determine User Vulnerability With Your Free Employee Phishing Test

Get instant free access to the uPhish tool and launch your free simulation.

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Free Guide | Employee Simulated Phishing, The Ultimate Dos and Don'ts

Follow these simple steps to ensure you get the most out of your phishing test.

How to run a phishing simulation on your users.