Recruiter Rules

It's great that you're interested enough in what we do at usecure to want to work with us. Having a great team is pivotal to our continued success, and it will always be our top priority.

We’re happy to work with recruiters when they make our lives easier, but we have some strict rules regarding whom we work with. If you don’t follow these rules, the agency you work for may be blacklisted.

Please ensure you have read the following:

1. Please email us, rather than calling us. If we are interested in your services then we will respond.

2. Please do not send us multiple emails if we haven't yet replied.

3. If you get in touch, please make sure it is about a specific role we’re advertising for.

4. Please do not repeatedly call us to find out if we’ve made a decision. We’ll let you know of a date when we’ll be in touch by.

5. We work on a fixed rate no higher than 15% for all positions. This is non-negotiable, so please do not discuss your services with us unless you are okay with this.

6. If a candidate we hire through you leaves within 12 working weeks (for any reason, including dismissal), you will find us a replacement free of charge.

7. We work on net 30 day payment terms from the start date of the candidate.