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Identify and Safeguard Exposed Employee Email Accounts

Locate compromised employee email accounts with your Email Breach Detection (EBD) report.

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The usecure employee email breach detection report.

Your employee email accounts could be exposed online. Don't let them remain an easy target.

Many of your users' business email addresses, associated passwords and identities are likely to be exposed on the internet via third-party data breaches.

With employees often recycling usernames and passwords across multiple accounts, this gives cyber criminals an easy route of attack.

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Your users' exposed emails can cause a range of threats...

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Social Engineering

Manipulating users is much more effective when attackers have access to exposed credentials. 

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Targeted Spear Phishing

Targeted 'spear phishing' can be deployed using information gathered from user accounts.

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BEC and CEO Fraud

Exposed accounts put your business at risk of attackers spoofing employee emails.

Identify exposed email accounts with your EBD report.

The usecure Email Breach Detection (EBD) report allows you to identify which of your employees' business email accounts are publicly exposed online.

Compromised employee emails report.
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All of your at-risk users located in one report.

We'll compile our findings into a custom report, enabling you to safeguard those vulnerable employee accounts before being compromised in an inevitable attack. Your report includes:

  • Full list of compromised users/ accounts
  • Thorough risk analysis
  • Key recommendations

How does the Email Breach Detection work?

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Stage 1 - Domains

For better accuracy, we'll request a list of user domains (this is optional).

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Stage 2 - Extensive Search

Using OSINT tools, we'll search through hundreds of breached databases and dump sites.

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Stage 3 - Your Report

Your full report, including compromised accounts, risk analysis, key recommendations, and more.

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View an Example EBD Report

See what risks and insights you'll have access to with our full example report.

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