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Email Breach Detection

Why Conduct An Email Breach Detection?

With employees often reusing their work email credentials across a number of websites, third-party breaches put your organisation at serious risk.

When those external websites become compromised, your employee's credentials are publicly disclosed online, meaning that cyber criminals are able to exploit your business through credential stuffing, social engineering and ransomware attacks.

Conducting an email breach detection will allow you to:

  Detect the exposed work emails of your employees - before online attackers do.

  Safeguard your business from email account takeovers and social engineering.

  Further protect your organisation from unauthorised access and potential data breaches.

​​​​​​​View example report of usecure's employee email breach detection report​​​​​​​

Identify and safeguard exposed employee accounts. Get your report in 72 hours.


Email Breach Detection Service

Your email breach detection report will allow you to identify which of your employee's business email accounts are compromised online and at risk of being used to launch targeted attacks on your organisation.

How does it work?

Your report will be gathered in just a few simple steps, offering you an in-depth analysis in just 72 hours. Here's an overview:

Example of the usecure employee email breach detection process

Get Your Free Report

Free report for up to 100 employees:

For your free sample report, simply book some time with one of our specialists and we'll run you through our short process over the phone.

  ​​​​​View example report of usecure's employee email breach detection report 


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