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Email Breach Detection

Get your full report in just 72 hours:

Step 1 - Send accross a list of your employee email address and associated domains.

Step 2 - We'll use OSINT and custom-built tools to search through over 300 breached databases and 90 data dump sites. 

Step 3 - You'll recieve a full report within 72 hours (View example report).

Identify which employee emails and passwords are exposed

One of the major risks to any organisation is employee email account takeover. If an employee has used their work email address for a third-party service and their credentials have become compromised, it's highly likely an attacker will attempt to use these credentials for other services.

Get your full report in just 72 hours:

With our new email breach detection service, we can identify which of your employees are at risk - with pricing starting from just £849.00.

To get started, book some time with one of our specialists for a full run-through of the service.

Or, feel free to email our team at [email protected] for any questions you may have.

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