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Employee Gap Analysis

Locate the information security knowledge
gaps within your end-users.

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Employee Gap Analysis

Locate the information security knowledge
gaps within your end-users.

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  • Find the knowledge gaps, benchmark your programme

    Gap Analysis Benefits

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    Locate the gaps

    Gain clear visibility of the individual security awareness knowledge gaps  and vulnerabilities among your end-users.

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    Assess the risk

    Gather key insights into which departments are weakest, and what areas of information security your users are lacking.

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    Benchmark your programme

    Save valuable resources on creating an awareness programme by utilising your fully-automated and individually-tailored uLearn training courses.

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    Plug the gaps

    Strengthen security awareness across the weakest areas of your business, and stay ahead of the latest threats targeting your end-users.

    Gap Analysis Features

    What is the usecure employee gap analysis?

    Your employee gap analysis is a sophisticated online questionnaire that gives you an invaluable insight into the current information security awareness levels among your end-users.

    Relevant and relatable topics

    Your users will be quizzed on information security awareness topics that directly affects them and their organisation, including phishing, social engineering, social media, public Wi-Fi and much more.

    Time-efficient and hassle-free

    The questionnaire invitation is delivered via email and can be completed at a time of the user's choice, with a completion time of approximately just 10-15 minutes (and don't worry about chasing up users who forget - you can easily set up automatic reminders!).

    All of your results gathered in one place

    Once completed, you'll have access to their individual grades (A-F) from your data-drivin dashboard, along with how they've fared on each topic.

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