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GAP Analysis

Most of us have an idea of our employees’ strength, but what about their weaknesses? 

Considering the scale, complexity and interconnectivity of your IT security, how do you really know where they might be falling short in maintaining it?

Lack of training and education can undermine your network in an instant. Thankfully, usecure’s gap analysis service can shed light on those cracks, and help you address any vulnerabilities in your network and workforce. So you can iron out creases in your cyber security and security awareness, before it’s too late.

Locate The Knowledge Gaps In Your Workforce

Cyber criminals can have a devastating impact on organisations of any size, with human error being an increasingly easy gateway for attackers. But with limited time and resources, identifying your end users weakest areas can be a struggle. To ensure you don’t fall foul of cybercrime, it’s vital to ensure the security awareness in your business is up to scratch.

The usecure security gap analysis service gives you a firm sense of where your security awareness training may be lacking, all by using a comprehensive cyber security risk questionnaire, based on the ISO 27001 best practices that guide businesses around the world.

We’ll test your employees on their grasp of the information security risks they face, including phishing, weak passwords and social engineering, amongst other pillars of your IT structure. Once armed with their results, your employees can be automatically enrolled on their uLearn-based security awareness modules, with individual weaknesses being prioritised.

Our Gap Analysis allows you to:

  • > Locate your end user's security knowledge gaps - based on ISO 27001 best practices;

  • > Plug your employee's largest individual knowledge gaps first, with uLearn modules sent on a prioritised basis;

  • > Gain an ongoing, periodical assessment to help you monitor your security awareness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does gap analysis involve?

An employee’s knowledge will be matched against the 12 distinct competencies we’ve structured. These will determine how well they understand security methods, and where patterns emerge across your departments.

How often should I conduct gap analysis?

We recommend conducting a gap analysis before and after your cyber security training. Give them 30 days to put their wisdom into practice. Then, conduct a second test, to assess what’s improved or what needs refining. This can continue for as long as you want, on a monthly basis, until your happy with the analysis’ findings.

What are the risks of not doing gap analysis?

There are several: it may include a malicious virus infecting your system, seizure of company records, or lost account privileges. All of them aren’t worth risking in today’s hyper-connected world.

How does gap analysis relate to ISO 27001?

One facet of ISO 27001 in particular (clause 7.2.2) is relevant to user awareness culture, as it focuses on the employee-led, behavioural competencies they need to exhibit. Our gap analysis is informed by these very principles, adhering to the textbook guidelines.