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GDPR Awareness Training

Why Implement GDPR Awareness Training?

  Improve Your Business's Data Protection

  Ensure GDPR Awareness Among Employees

  Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

  Avoid Heavy Regulatory Fines

​​​​​​​  Develop a Security-Minded Culture

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      usecure's GDPR awareness training course for employees

Make GDPR Awareness Training a Little Less Loathed.

Let's face it, most employees are never going to be thrilled by the idea of GDPR and data protection awareness training; That's exactly why we've crafted a number of engaging and easily retainable bite-sized courses that educate your users, without inflicting a barrage of frustration on your IT team.

How Does It Work?

usecure's cloud-based training platform offers a sophisticated yet easily implemented solution for educating your employees on data protection and the GDPR, including:

         Customisable and company-branded video content

         Easily retainable and challenging bite-sized modules

         Trackable participation reports for future audits and uptake

         User-centric and easily understandable language

         A custom dashboard with granular progress reports and data exports

What Modules Are Included?

You'll also have access to the following courses in your library:

         An Overview of The GDPR

         GDPR for Consumers

         GDPR for Senior Staff Members

         An Overview of the Data Protection Act

         Security Awareness Training and Data Protection

         Data Classification

        Plus your own custom modules

Your module library also comes with 12 information security awareness best practice courses - including phishing, social engineering, working remotely and many more ISO 27001-related topics.

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Example of usecure's GDPR awareness course for employees

Want to see what the courses look like? Get free access to your modules below, including your GDPR video-based awareness courses.

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