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Managed Service

Why Outsource Your Employee Simulated Phishing Tests?

So you've recognised the need to educate your users on the ever-prevalent threat of phishing, but with an already stretched team, where will you find the resources to create a worthwhile phishing programme?

usecure's Managed Phishing Service offers you a comprehensive solution with a range of benefits, including:

  Obtain visibility of how vulnerable your business is to potential phishing attacks 

  Gain peace of mind that your phishing tests are as realistic and effective as possible

  Maximise your organisation's ROI with expertly-run phishing campaigns

  Save valuable resources that could be used to strengthen other areas of your business

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Determine user vulnerability with simulated phishing tests, crafted by industry specialists.

The usecure managed phishing service offers you expertly-run campaigns that closely replicate real-world employee phishing scams - giving you an invaluable insight into how vulnerable your organisation is to an inevitable attack.

        Managed service employee phishing

Your service includes:

      Expertly-crafted phishing, spear phishing and social engineering campaigns

      In-depth reporting and campaign analysis - with key insights into open, clicked and compromise rates

      Consultation and clear recommendations tailored to the results of your simulations

      Support with whitelisting in order to avoid any obstacles with your phishing test

Example of an employee simulated phishing report

How Does The Managed Service Work?

To provide the most realistic simulation and uncover the true areas of risk within your business, usecure adopts a two-pronged methodology which includes both templated and spear phishing attacks:

Stage One  |  Templated Attack:

Your templated campaigns focus on the most common forms of phishing emails, from fake password updates to false warnings of supicious account behavior.

     We'll accompany these templates with imitation domains from the likes of Apple, Microsoft and PayPal, combining real-world phishing techniques of trust-building and false urgency.

     When/ if clicked, your employees will be directed to a legitimate-looking login page - waiting to 'harvest' ther username and password.

Stage Two  |  Spear Phishing Attack:

Your spear phishing campaigns will be much more sophisticated and targted - exactly like they are in the real world. 

   Depending on your preference, we'll impersonate real members of your team in order to create a 'real life' business situation, having been researched prior to your simulation.

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Getting started with your managed phishing service is quick and easy.

Simply book some time with one of our specialists below and we'll walk you through the process via a call or online demonstration (whichever you prefer!).

Or, if you want to learn more about our service, feel free to message our live chat at the bottom right of our page, or contact us via [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hallmark of a phishing email?

Whatever the tone of the message, it’ll request special information, purporting to use it for the benefit of the company or individual. This could take the form of a ‘security check’, ‘authentication procedure’ or ‘wrongly made payment’.

Can’t I tell a phishing email at a glance?

No – as we mentioned, these scams are very clever, and play off our responses to official-looking logos, guarantees and professional language.

Why choose a phishing managed service?

A managed service not only saves you time and resources; it also ensures that you benefit from experts in social engineering and the latest attack vectors, so that you can achieve ‘real-world’ results from your campaign.

What does your phishing simulation service include?

This will depend on your organisation and budget. We have three packages – start up, professional and enterprise – each of which include an assigned account manager, independent reports and simulations as standard. usecure will consult with you to ascertain the level of service you need.