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Managed Service

Do you know how employees would react when faced with an online threat? Social engineering is getting smarter, particularly phishing: attempts to seize sensitive information, like passwords or financial details, from weak links in your organisation.

It’s all very well investing in cyber security training, but can you be sure that you’ve achieved user awareness when there’s no way to prove it? usecure is that litmus test.

Our phishing simulation service will target employees with a realistic phishing campaign, before reporting on the results. With our phishing managed service, you won’t have to worry about social engineering compromising your security.

Take The Burden Out Of Simulated Phishing

90% of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing email. As our digital systems continue to get broader, motivated by the Internet of Things (IoT), that threat can spread to every computer or smart device you have in a matter of seconds.

Simulated phishing can give you confidence in the cyber security awareness of your team. Where weaknesses are found, it can educate staff on what a threat looks like, and the importance of taking caution and yet, running these campaigns can be a huge drain on your time and resources.

Whether you’re a startup seeking a budget-friendly solution, or a large organisation with compliance concerns, our managed phishing service is here to take the burden off your shoulders.

Our managed phishing service allows you to:

> Gain peace of mind that your phishing simulations are as realistic and effective as possible;

> Identify and plug gaps in your organisation's security awareness;

> Obtain expert analysis by an independant CISSP and CEH consultant;

> Support your compliance and assurance commitments;

> Free up your time to focus on other areas of the business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hallmark of a phishing email?

Whatever the tone of the message, it’ll request special information, purporting to use it for the benefit of the company or individual. This could take the form of a ‘security check’, ‘authentication procedure’ or ‘wrongly made payment’.

Can’t I tell a phishing email at a glance?

No – as we mentioned, these scams are very clever, and play off our responses to official-looking logos, guarantees and professional language.

Why choose a phishing managed service?

A managed service not only saves you time and resources; it also ensures that you benefit from experts in social engineering and the latest attack vectors, so that you can achieve ‘real-world’ results from your campaign.

What does your phishing simulation service include?

This will depend on your organisation and budget. We have three packages – start up, professional and enterprise – each of which include an assigned account manager, independent reports and simulations as standard. usecure will consult with you to ascertain the level of service you need.