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Without a constant, digestible stream of data to back it up, your cyber security training will be a shot in the dark. To validate your investment and ensure digital threats are eliminated, regular reporting is vital.

Security awareness training is a crucial step forward, but how do you know if it’s successful? Furthermore, is it still doing what’s necessary to stop a cyber threat over the coming years, as hackers find new avenues of attack?

Our reporting tools give you confidence that you’re making advancements with security awareness.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Determining User Progress. Access Your Reports In One Place.

Usecure is a convenient, cost-effective training solution for organisations concerned about social engineering, but we don’t stop there. At each stage, you’ll receive a detailed breakdown of learners’ progress and performance.

Information is gathered, stored and presented on a dashboard that can be accessed at any time. It’s quick and easy to master; additionally, you can see individual performance scores on simulated phishing tests and other methods of assessment, so you can spot patterns where they emerge.

      Employee information security awareness reporting

The more reports you receive, the better you can interpret what’s working and what needs further attention – a vital asset when everyone’s learning at their own speed. Data is presented to you in a custom format, saving energy in pulling it all together. Our reports can also prove, decisively, that your business is hitting the mark with its security awareness training.

Our Reporting Software Allows You To:

    Easily monitor the progress of your team;

    Demonstrate compliance with ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials;

    Maximise the value of your e-learning investment;

    Tailor the supporting content to match your findings;

    Reduce time spent on manual data collection and analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can the usecure reports show me?

You can see the specific scores for each user, how many modules they’ve covered, as well as how they compare against their team.

Why are periodical reports necessary?

Creating a security culture and building user awareness relies, in part, on staff knowing that they’ll be graded. Carrying out regular reports will keep them focused, and rid the chance of anyone becoming complacent. Plus, the nature of the tests will change over time, as new cyber security measures are implemented.

Who are the reports for, exactly?

Anyone with management responsibilities can oversee your security reports. This might be a senior IT figure, an HR manager, anyone in a compliance-based role or a company’s Managing Director, to name a few.

Can I filter results by department too?

You certainly can – it’s one of the main filtering options we present, again backed with comparative data across sub-teams if applicable.