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Security Awareness Training

Automate your training. Effortlessly raise employee security awareness without draining your resources.

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Our training platform offers your business an easily implemented solution for educating employees on information security.

It’s an individually-tailored learning experience that ensures progress, without hampering productivity.

Our automated four-stage approach of Evaluate, Educate, Simulate and Report saves your organisation time and money and tracks every development step.

The security awareness process cycle
Gap Analysis

Employee Gap Analysis

Easily locate your user’s weakest areas of cyber security with an initial online assessment.

Gain an inital assessment of your user’s individual knowledge gaps around a variety of core ISO 27001, information security and GDPR compliance topics - all with your online employee gap analysis questionnaire.

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Plug the knowledge gaps with individually-tailored modules.

usecure’s eLearn inspired ‘uLearn’ software will gradually deploy a range of ISO 27001, data protection and cyber security best practice training modules to your users - prioritised from your employee’s individual gap analysis scores.

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Test the progress of your employees with simulated phishing attacks.

Testing the learning progress of your employees has often been a problematic barrier to security awareness training.

That’s exactly why we’ve introduced the uPhish simulated phishing tool to the usecure platform.

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Your Report Dashboard

Take the guesswork out of determining user progress with your custom dashboard.

Gathering metrics on user progress is undoubtedly one of the more vital parts of any effective awareness programme.

With your customisable reporting dashboard, you’re able to monitor the development of your employees while demonstrating your compliance efforts in future audits.

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