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Security Awareness Training

Why Launch An Information Security Awareness Training Programme?

  Educate your employees on common security threats

  Reduce the risk of employee-caused data breaches

  Identify user vulnerabilities in your workforce

  Demonstrate your efforts in regulatory compliance

​​​​​​​  Gather metrics on user progress to ensure your efforts are reaping sufficient ROI.

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Effortlessly Raise Employee Security Awareness. Automate Your Training.

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Raising employee awareness, without draining your resources...

Every aspect of our training platform is designed to offer your business an easily implemented solution for educating employees on information security, all while giving your users an individually-tailored learning experience that ensures progress without hampering productivity.

We use an automated four-stage approach of Evaluate, Educate, Simulate and Report - saving your organisation time, money and sanity, while delivering trackable development. Here's how it works:

​​​​​​​Automated security awareness training process

Evaluate | Employee Gap Analysis

Easily locate your user's weakest areas of cyber security with an initial online assessment

Gain an initial assessment of your user’s individual knowledge gaps around a variety of core ISO 27001, information security and GDPR compliance topics - all with your online employee gap analysis questionnaire.


  •       Locate your end user's information security vulnerabilities - before they are exploited
  •       Clearly demonstrate the need for company-wide employee information security awareness training
  •       Benchmark where your security awareness training efforts are most needed


  •       36 multiple choice questions based on key information security frameworks and best practice
  •       Approximate completion time of just 15-20 minutes
  •       Full analysis of employee results from your custom dashboard

    Free Trial of Gap Analysis   Security awareness training gap analysis

Educate | uLearn

Plug the knowledge gaps with individually-tailored modules

usecure's eLearn inspired 'uLearn' software will gradually deploy a range of ISO 27001, data protection and cyber security best practice training modules to your users - prioritised from your employee's individual gap analysis scores.



  •         Reduce the risk of employee-caused data breaches
  •         Demonstrate consistent efforts in regulatory compliance
  •         Save time and money on designing an in-house programme
  •         Ensure that your users receive the most effective training possible 


  •         Individually-prioritised awareness modules, automatically delivered using your user's gap analysis results
  •         A library of pre-made modules covering key security threats, best practice and regulatory compliance standards
  •         Deliver your business's unique messaging with company-branded and custom content
  •         Bite-sized modules with automatic course invitations and reminders

    Free Trial of uLearn   Find out more about uLearn

Simulate | uPhish

Test the progress of your employees with simulated phishing attacks

Testing the learning progress of your employees has often been a problematic barrier to security awareness training; That's exactly why we've introduced the 'uPhish' simulated phishing tool to the usecure platform. 


  •         Gain an insight into how much progress your users have made
  •         Discover what percentage of your employees are still susceptible to a phishing attack
  •         Locate the most phish-prone individuals and departments throughout your organisation
  •         Benchmark your business's need for further phishing awareness training


  •         Access the opened, clicked and compromised rate of your users from your customisable dashboard
  •         Choose your email templates from a library of pre-made designs, impersonating the world's most trusted brands
  •         Create your own customisable campaign to replicate your business's unique phishing threats 
  •         Struggling for time? Allow our specialists to run your campaign for you - including targeted spear phishing attacks

    Free trial of uphish - employee simulated phishing test   Learn more about uphish - employee simulated phishing

Report | Your Dashboard

Take the guesswork out of determining user progress with your custom dashboard

Gathering metrics on user progress is undoubtedly one of the more vital parts of any effective awareness programme. With your customisable reporting dashboard, you're able to monitor the development of your employees while demonstrating your compliance efforts in future audits.

      Reporting software for the usecure security awareness training platform


  •        Demonstrate your efforts in  ISO 27001, cyber essentials and GDPR compliance
  •        Reduce time spent on manual data collection and analysis
  •        Maximise the value of your security awareness investment
  •        Easily monitor and feed back on the progress of your employees

  • Features: 

  •       Easily-accessible data all in one place
  •       View your user's gap analysis, uLearn and uPhish results in customisable metrics
  •       Export your data into custom .CSV files
  •       Automatic monthly manager's report, including insights into their team's progress 

 Security awareness training reporting

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