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Transform your users into a cyber security asset

Empower your employees to make better security decisions with user-focused education.

Employee security awareness training program.

Modern security awareness training, minus the traditional IT headaches.

With traditional security awareness training breeding poor learning retention, adoption rates, and a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, human-caused data breaches are more prevalent than ever.

usecure solves this problem by empowering your employees with user-focused awareness training via our automated platform, transforming your workforce into your strongest defence against cyber crime.

Cyber security and data breach statistics.

Truly effective cyber security awareness training...

Higher Retention

Long-term knowledge retainment.

Greater Adoption

Significantly improved user involvement.


Training designed for the user - not the check-box.


Regularly updated to fight new and evolving threats.

Measured Success

User progress - tracked, measured and proven.

...brought to you in a simplified four-stage approach.

Discover our cloud-based training platform and empower your business with trackable online education and realistic simulated phishing tests - all through our automated 'evaluate, educate, simulate and report' approach.

4 stage SAT cycle

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Determine your users' infosec vulnerabilities.

Determine the vulnerability-level of your users and baseline your security awareness programme with an online information security gap analysis questionnaire.

  • Gain a reliable risk profile of your users
  • Time efficient, short online assessment
  • Covering 12 key infosec competencies
  • Track all results via your dashboard

Try it for free. No card details, no installations, 100% instant free access.

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Empower your workforce with user-tailored education.

Using your users' gap analysis results, your employees will be auto-enrolled onto their uniquely-structured training course, plugging their largest individual knowledge gaps first.

  • User-tailored training programmes
  • Easily retainable, bite-sized modules
  • Verified by a lead ISO 27001 Auditor
  • Automatic enrollment and reminders 

Try it for free. No card details, no installations, 100% instant free access.

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Eliminate the risk of employee phishing.

Test the effectiveness of your training while boosting practical awareness of phishing attacks, all with your easily-deployable simulated phishing tool.

  • Simple setup and deployment
  • Extensive library of realistic templates
  • Real-time opens, clicks and compromises
  • Customise and export your reports

Try it for free. No card details, no installations, 100% instant free access.

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Strengthen your compliance efforts.

Demonstrate the progression of your users for both internal and compliance purposes with your data-driven and custom reporting dashboard.

  • All of your reports, located in one place
  • Easy analysis of user learning progress
  • Granular and customisable reporting
  • Demonstrate your efforts in compliance

Try it for free. No card details, no installations, 100% instant free access.

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Avoid wasting time and sanity chasing unengaged users.

Experience hassle-free automation.

Save time and energy on chasing users who haven't yet completed modules while maximising course completion rate, all with your fully-automated training approach.

Your users will receive courses and reminders, automatically, on a regular basis decided by you.

Automated employee cyber security awareness training platform.
usecure custom course theme.
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Integrate your training with your organisation's culture.

Customise your users' learning experience.

Boost your adoption and engagement rate by aligning the look and feel of your users' training with your organisation's own branding.

Easily amend the theme of your users' training modules, course invitations, course reminders and more, all from your usecure platform.

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Free Guide | How To Boost Security Awareness

Learn the simple steps needed to drive user cyber security behaviour change.

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