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Cyber Security Awareness Training. Simplified.

Empower your employees to make better security decisions with user-focused education.

Employee cyber security awareness training software.

Modernised employee security awareness training, minus the traditional IT headaches.

Transform your users into a cyber security asset with a simplified solution to information security awareness training.

Discover our cloud-based training platform and empower your business with trackable online education and realistic simulated phishing tests - all through our automated 'evaluate, educate, simulate and report' approach.

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Understand Your Business

Establish a baseline for your programme while determining the vulnerabilities of your userbase, all by enrolling your users onto an online information security gap analysis questionnaire.

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Empower Your Workforce

Use these results to patch user vulnerabilities, with bite-sized uLearn modules automatically deployed from your users' individually-tailored programmes.


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Eliminate Employee Risk

Test the effectiveness of your awareness programme while raising practical awareness of employee phishing attacks, with the uPhish simulation tool.


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Achieve Compliance

Demonstrate the progression of your users for both internal and compliance purposes, with your easily-accessible and custom reporting dashboard.


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Try our security awareness and simulated phishing platform for free.

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Free Guide | How To Boost Security Awareness

Learn the simple steps needed to drive user cyber security behaviour change.

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