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Gain a high-level risk assessment of your business's resilience to employee-targeted social engineering attacks.

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uBreach social engineering risk assessment.

Determine your organisation's risk-level to social engineering.

We provide a high-level assessment of the current level of resilience your business has against employee-targeted social engineering attacks.

Our unique approach incorporates a blended mix of tactics that are employed by real-world cyber criminals.

Rather than focusing on a single area, we combine the findings to determine your overall risk level and provide you with a high-level report that incorporates your results.

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A comprehensive, three-pronged approach...

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Senior-Level Domain Spoof

Determine how easily an attacker can spoof a senior-level employee's corporate email account.

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Consultant-Led Spear Phishing

Gauge how susceptible your users are to sophisticated phishing attacks.

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Breach Exposure and Data Susceptibility

Locate your users' compromised email accounts that are publicly disclosed online.

...with just five days from deployment of attack to report delivery.

 Day 1

Agree target email accounts and run CEO spoof.

Day 2

Run uBreach data exposure scan.


Day 3

Launch a targeted spear phishing attack.

Day 4

Collate data together and begin compiling report.

Day 5

Deliver report and arrange a wash-up call (if required).

CEO domain spoofing test.
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Senior-Level Domain Spoof

By researching your company's digital footprint, online criminals can gain enough insider knowledge to 'spoof' a high-level employee's email account, paving the way for a successful social engineering attack.

With our email domain spoofing, we'll put your organisation's security measures to the test by closely replicating this method of attack.

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Consultant-Led Spear Phishing

We'll provide you with clear visualisation of how equipped your users are to spot, assess and report sophisticated online attacks.

Our team of specialists will plan, deploy and track a spear phishing campaign that mirrors common real-world techniques.

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Email breach detection report.
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Breach Exposure & Data Susceptibility

Many of your users' corporate email accounts could be exposed online via third-party breaches, making them incredibly vulnerable to social engineering scams.

To help safeguard your users, we'll run an in-depth Email Breach Detection (EBD) on hundreds of databases and dump sites, providing you with a list of at-risk users.

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