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Every employee should be aware of the dangers that can assail your network and databank. This is hard to teach, from a managerial standpoint, since there will be many disparities in the skills, knowledge and roles of members within your team.

As such, you need a comprehensive training structure that’s engaging and considerate of the subtleties in your workforce. That’s why usecure has designed a cyber security awareness programme that allows individuals to learn at their own pace.

Addressing The Gaps In Your Team, One At A Time

No organisation can afford to ignore digital threats, and yet finding the time or resources to get everyone up to speed on cyber security can be challenging. Our e-learn inspired 'uLearn' modules offer an easier solution, allowing you to identify what’s missing from your security culture, find out who’s in the dark, and deliver essential learning tools.

Initially, we’ll give you the means to perform a gap analysis so the weak spots are revealed. Then, based on the lowest scoring areas of the test, we provide security awareness training that falls in line with ISO 27001 and other best practices. Our modules are delivered in short, regular bursts to avoid cyber fatigue. Then, knowledge is put to the test; simulated phishing attacks give your employees an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding.

Our uLearn tool allows you to:

> Educate every employee on the most common security threats they face;

> Focus on leading your business, instead of conducting cyber education;

> Reduce the risk of cyber attacks, such as phishing and social engineering;

> Avoid learning fatigue whilst maximising retention rates;

> Identify weaknesses in your workforce before they become a problem.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How advanced is your ulearn Security awareness training?

There are three levels of ulearn – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each of our 12 modules scale up in this manner.

Are learners assessed at the end of each ulearn module?

Users must answer a series of multiple choice questions at the end of each module. They are randomised, offering no chance of pre-emptively guessing the test if someone has to take it again, or if their colleagues do it first.

How long do the ulearn courses take to complete?

ulearn doesn’t exhaust its participants; learners can choose a suitable schedule, and there’s never too much content to overwhelm them at one time.

Does your ulearn training programme provide certification?

Not officially, but learning material has been shaped to cover parts of the government’s Cyber Essentials mandate and the 7.2.2. clause of ISO 27001, which centres on user awareness. They can strengthen your aims for accreditation; we are happy to introduce you to organisations that can further your cyber security awareness programme.