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uPhish Simulation Tool

Raise security awareness with employee
simulated phishing tests

An ipad, imac and mac book pro previewing the uPhish tool.

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An ipad, imac and mac book pro previewing the uPhish tool.

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  • Raising phishing awareness, one click at at time...

    uPhish Benefits

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    Assess the risk

    Determine user vulnerability towards phishing scams, including some of the most common spear phishing and social engineering techniques.

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    Real-time updates

    Gain a key insight into just how quickly your users can give away the keys to your kingdom - with live updates on the compromise rate of you users.

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    A full analysis

    Evaluate the current threat towards specific individuals and departments in your business, with in-depth custom reports.

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    Raise awareness

    Educate the weaker areas of your userbase with enagaging elearning content - including how to spot a phishing email and where to report them.

    uPhish Features

    Customisable email templates

    Create unlimited phishing email templates or access your library of ready-made phishing emails - intricately designed to be as realistic as possible.

    User-friendly interface

    Easily launch and schedule your phishing campaigns with a clean interface that allows your time to be spent on other areas of your business.

    Real-time tracking

    Gain a live insight into the opened, clicked and compromised rate of your end-users, giving you a valuable insight into the rapid success rate of a phishing attack.

    Custom reports and dashboard

    View all of your uPhish results with your custom data-driven dashboard - or better yet, export your data into custom formats for clearly-structured data analysis.

    Managed service (optional)

    Struggling for the time to get your phishing simulations off the ground? Take advantage of usecure's managed service, where our experienced team will strategically tailor your campaigns, launch them, and gather custom reports for you.

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