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usecure employee simulated phishing tool.

Employee Simulated Phishing

Easily Assess User Vulnerability to Phishing Attacks.

Determine how vulnerable you users are to phishing attacks - before an attacker does. Access uPhish and launch your free employee phishing test today.

Effortless Deployment
Data-Driven Reports
Library of Templates
Free Phishing Test
Phishing email template library.


Discover a library of templates replicating real-world phishing techniques.

Choose from a range of pre-made email and landing page templates replicating real-world phishing attacks, impersonating the likes of Google, Microsoft, Apple, PayPal and more.

Easily schedule your phishing simulation.


Schedule a launch time and allow our smart send to do the rest.

Select a date and time to launch your phishing simulation. Once selected, uPhish will automatically stagger the sending of your emails over a six-hour period to ensure your test isn't flagged by users.

Employee simulated phishing test results.


Easily access and export the results, all from your custom dashboard.

Access the results of your simulated phishing test from your data-driven dashboard, and export your data into custom reports.

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Try it Free for 14 days. No Credit Card Required.