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uBreach  |  Email Account Exposure Check

Identify and safeguard your users' exposed email accounts

Locate which of your employees' email credentials are exposed online and how they became breached. 

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Your users' email credentials and identities could be exposed online


On average, users admit to signing up for up to 130 third-party websites using a single email address.


63% of users admit to rarely ever updating passwords for their personal and work email accounts.


2.7B+ rows of email addresses & passwords were this year disclosed on a hacking forum.


Global losses due to business email compromise (BEC) attacks have now exceeded $12.5 billion.

Why uBreach


Locate at-risk employee accounts before they're used to target your organisation

Many of your users' corporate email accounts could be exposed online via third-party breaches. uBreach enables you to identify at-risk users before an inevitable attack. 

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Get your full exposure report in minutes.

Assess the results straight from your dashboard.

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Determine which specific users are at risk.

Obtain clear results detailing vulnerable user accounts.

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Learn how they became exposed.

See which third-party breaches are responsible.

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Using the uBreach tool is 100% free.

No add-on costs, uBreach is free with your subscription.

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identifies exposed email accounts...

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uBreach Key Benefits

  Gain a detailed overview of what employee
data is exposed online

uBreach compiles your users' exposed data into an easy-to-digest format, accessible straight from your dashboard, enabling you to safeguard at-risk users without delay.

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Identify Exposed Accounts

Locate which employee email accounts are exposed online.

Within minutes of launching your email exposure check, uBreach will compile a list of users that have sensitive data located in publicly disclosed data dumps and paste sites.

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Determine Responsible Breach

Learn which third-party breaches led to the exposure.

Gain an insight into how your users' email credentials have become vulnerable, with a detailed list of which third-party services led to your users' exposed data.


Employee email breach exposure check.

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Achieve An In-Depth Analysis

Dig deep into what employee data is publicly disclosed.

Learn what employee information has been exposed online for each individual user, detailing which service was breached, when the breach occurred, and what data is now exposed.

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