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Free Employee Simulated Phishing Test

How phish-prone are your users?
Launch your free phishing test to find out.

Access uPhish below and launch a 100% free simulation on up to 50 users.

Free Phishing Test, Real-Time Reporting

Assess user vulnerability to sophisticated phishing attacks, for free.


Launch a free phishing simulation on up to 50 users with your 7-day trial of the uPhish simulation tool.

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Discover a library of email templates & landing pages.

Choose from variety of templates replicating common, real-world attacks.

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Track user opened, clicked and compromised rate.

View real-time user interaction straight from your data-driven reporting dashboard.

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Identify your individual users who are most susceptible.

Determine which users are most at risk with access to each users' performance.

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Dig deep into your risk-level with custom reporting.

Easily customise your simulation reports into departments, seniority and more.

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Simple setup, effortless deployment, rapid assessment.

Avoid installations and configurations, instantly access our cloud-based phishing tool.

Launch your free phishing test

Gauge the vulnerability of up to 50 users with your 100% free simulation, including access to your reporting dashboard.

Launch Your Free Phish
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